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The Thought That Counts - Guide to Gift Giving

The Thought That Counts - Guide to Gift Giving - Jewelsmith

Gift ideas for all the special people in your life

by Mary Coleman
updated September 2023
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Gift giving is a personal exchange, a token of remembrance or affection or gratitude. Sometimes all the above. We are often told it’s the thought that counts. Last minute shopping can make the receiving end feel like, what were they thinking? Thought should not be equated with price. A careless expensive gift will pale in comparison to a creative gift that evokes a special memory. Jewelry tells a story and can covey powerful sentiment with a little planning. Who should you buy jewelry for? Almost anyone you think of kindly!


happy young couple with gift in the snow

Gifts can bring smiles to your loved one’s faces


To honor your commitment and say thank you for all the small things that make life together better.

model wearing gentle curve diamond band, rose gold plain gentle curve band and hammered 22K yellow gold band

Gentle curve bands - one with diamonds, one in rose gold. Also hammered 22K yellow gold band. Gentle curve bands look great alone, stacked or next to an engagement ring and are great anniversary gifts.



The OG’s! You can best define this relationship. If they are deserving of a gift, jewelry is the way to go. Mementos of grandchildren (2 or 4 legged) are ideal.

round mother's charms, some with engraved initial, some with birthstones and some with both

Personalized pendants with engraved initials and/or birthstones make great gifts and can be stacked or worn alone

For other ideas, ask about something they wished for as a teen or young adult. You may be surprised to hear of a small trinket they still think about, an old yearning.



Even the most annoying of whom can be humbled and often silenced by a thoughtful eloquent gift. The best of whom deserve more than money could buy.

Simple, elegant and affordable bracelets.



Children of all ages value keepsakes. Every heirloom piece starts somewhere, usually with a gift. As a Parent, Grandparent, Godparent, Aunt or Uncle, you have the power to start a tradition a small offering. Together with a special child in your life, create a memory they will cherish. This is a beautiful way to continue a legacy and tell a story they may not know. A perfect time to “re-gift”, pass along a piece that you no longer wear. Chains, rings, bracelets, earrings can be repaired or re-set and live again with new purpose and meaning.

loose opal and diamond pendant before they were repurposed into a custom necklace

custom made sun moon theme diamond opal necklace resetting client's gemstones



A ring may be too personal for your boss, but what about a hand engraved key chain. A simple everyday item, transformed with a kind thought. Names or initials on cufflinks, money clips, keychains, luggage tags make fantastic gifts with a customized touch and allow the recipient to know, they had your full consideration.  

hand engraved sterling silver keychain held by model in pocket

personalized hand engraved, handmade sterling silver keychain



Friends make life easier! What about a silly reminder of childhood. Or birthstone jewelry. A fun piece they would never get for themselves. This is a great option when you’re crowdsourcing a gift, everyone can contribute, the collective present a reminder your group’s bond.  

black rubber stackable bracelets featuring Tahitian, South Sea or freshwater pearls are stretchy so they fit most wrists

Summing it up:

Jewelry can be a finished piece, that you choose with the recipient in mind. Custom jewelry allows you to create an experience! Finished pieces have story about why/how it was crafted. Or opportunity for them to design a one of kind, your special someone will know effort and kind thoughts went into their gift.

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about the author:

Mary Coleman

Mary Coleman wisely transplanted to Durham, NC from Brooklyn, NY over a decade ago. A serendipitous meeting led her to Jewelsmith in 2014, and she immediately fell in love with the creativity and innovation. She has used her design skills to help countless clients find the perfect gift.

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