Mary Coleman Bio

Mary Coleman

Mary Coleman

Designer/Sales Staff

Mary believes in the power of design with purpose. She started her career at Jewelsmith in 2013 and loves the joy jewelry represents and its symbolism in life’s dearest moments – weddings, births, graduation and even death. She envisions growing old with her day one clients by continuing to celebrate life through jewelry with them, as well as the new ones she meets daily!

Celebrating longevity in her career at Jewelsmith is her proudest moment as a Designer and attributes that to a fun workspace! She has a passion for constant learning through continued education, industry publications, peers and her clients. Outside of work she enjoys cooking and spending time with friends and family and building a community in Durham that is closer and more authentic than she experienced growing up.

Her favorite piece of jewelry is Jewelsmith’s Kissing Ring – it’s quintessentially Jewelsmith with endless combinations and is always a showstopper!

Celebrate life’s moments through jewelry with Mary by connecting with her here

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