Message From Our President

 November 12, 2021


Dear Jewelsmith family and friends,

On June 4, 2021, our founder and owner, Linda McGill, transcended us on earth after a fighting battle with cancer. She fought quietly, yet fiercely, while she continued to live her absolute best life. Many of you may have been unaware of her cancer diagnosis because of her vibrant and spirited personality. She loved life and didn't want anyone to focus on her illness. Instead, she wanted her friends, family, and clients to adorn themselves in beauty. Beauty that she created for over 4 decades.

Linda’s vision began in beauty. Design innovative, fine jewelry with a team of highly skilled professionals that would deliver an unforgettable, outstanding experience along with that beautiful, exceptional jewelry. Over the years, her team extended into a family. She not only surpassed the jewelry industry’s craftsmanship standard; she went above and beyond in creating a business that authentically cared for its employees. Linda genuinely believed the essential ingredient of Jewelsmith were her employees. Like most families, Jewelsmith’s family grew. In the last few decades, she has brought together the people you see and work with today.

Linda’s vision will carry long into the future. In 2022, shares of the company will be distributed amongst a small group of current employees. Continuity in the business was her priority after she left this earth. As her chosen President of Jewelsmith, I, along with the rest of the group and team, will keep Linda’s passion alive by sharing her vision and executing the values we learned from her: dedication to customer service, quality craftsmanship, forward, inclusive thinking, and taking care of each other. She was extremely proud of our remarkable team, and we will uphold her pride. It is an honor and a privilege to continue to serve the community and our loyal clientele utilizing Linda’s teachings. Operations will continue as she wished while we each keep the roles she personally gave us. We will continue to bring you the unmatched service and jewelry you have come to love and expect.

Her impact leaves us awestruck. Her absence leaves a hole in our hearts. Yet, she will always be with us; in every piece of jewelry we create and wear, proudly in Durham, the city she loved and nurtured. Together, we honor Linda’s legacy. Together, we move forward with what she started. Together, we share her vision of creating beauty in this world.

Sincerely and appreciatively,





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