Your Perfect Engagement Ring

is one that's custom-made just for you

Our staff is here to listen to you and create the perfect ring for you. Whether you want a one-of-a-kind custom ring designed from scratch or reset an heirloom diamond or gemstone, we use only recycled gold and ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones to craft our jewelry.

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Custom Engagement Rings

Creating your personalized custom engagement ring is easy and fun. Our experienced team will help bring your engagement ring dreams to life.

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What's your or your partner's style? Our design team will help to guide you and/or take our style quiz.


We will help you translate your story into a unique, handcrafted, custom engagement ring design.


Our goldsmith team will create your ring in house with recycled metals


Enjoy your ring! Rest assured and know that we'll always stand behind our work.

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What's Your Engagement Ring Style?

Discover the perfect engagement ring to reflect your or your partner's personal style.

Check out our gallery of custom engagement ring designs to get inspired.

Take our style quiz to find the perfect match. 

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Talk to a designer

Your love has a story and our team of designers, gemologists and goldsmiths will help you transform your story into a beautiful, personalized custom engagement ring. You can to reset, repurpose, reuse your own heirloom family diamond or gemstone. If you have a clear vision or want a little guidance, we’ll meet you wherever you are. We believe the custom jewelry process can and should be a fascinating and fun experience!

You can also have a personalized styling appointment, in person or virtual, to help you find the perfect in-stock engagement ring choice.

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Our goldsmiths create your custom engagement ring

Our six goldsmiths create each piece of jewelry one-at-a-time, by hand in our small shop in Durham, NC. Your engagement ring will be made with recycled metals, ethically sourced gems and sustainable practices.

We stand behind all of our jewelry with our warranty and commitment to quality and service. We engineer all of our jewelry with the long term in mind.

See how our custom process works and how we create jewelry here in our Durham, NC shop.

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Get answers to your questions and read our blog posts about engagement rings.

We're committed to sharing our experience so that you can make the most informed and best decisions for you.

Engagement Ring FAQ's

You've got questions? We've got answers.

How do I find my partner's ring size? Can I have my heirloom diamond reset into a custom engagement ring? How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

Whatever questions you may have, our experienced team of designers, gemologists and goldsmiths are always willing to share their knowledge. If you don't see your question in our FAQ's, just contact us.

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Timeless Engagement Ring Styles

How to choose an engagement ring design that you'll love forever Speaking as a custom jewelry designer with nearly a decade of experience in the engagement space, five styles stand the test of time...

model wearing sapphire diamond ring

Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

Guide to choosing the best diamond alternative and colored gemstone engagement ring for you and your lifestyle.

Should I Buy a Lab-Grown Diamond?

Here at Jewelsmith, we started to see a rise in demand for lab-grown diamonds in 2019 and interest in these man-made gems has only increased since then. But many still wonder: what exactly are lab-grown diamonds and how do they differ from their natural counterparts? Below, we answer some of the commonly asked questions about lab-grown diamonds and try to dispel some myths surrounding these synthetic gemstones.

We loved our experience and got the most beautiful engagement and wedding rings made. We were so happy to work with Tiffany L. She was kind and knowledgeable.

Haley & Casey

Jewelsmith is incredible! They created the perfect custom engagement ring for my fiancé. Mary and Erin were wonderful to work with, and Patrick brought our vision to life. My fiancé loves her ring, and we couldn’t be happier. Can’t say enough good things about this team!

Cody D

I purchased a loose diamond and brought it to Jewelsmith to help me design a custom engagement ring. The experience was phenomenal in all respects, and the end result is exactly what I had in mind. Thank you Mary!

Michael K

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