Post and Pillars Engagement Ring Customizable in 3D

Why Jewelsmith?

Ethically Sourced Gemstones

  • Montana sapphires
  • Canadian diamonds
  • lab grown diamonds
  • moissanites and more

We encourage resetting, reusing, repurposing existing diamonds and gemstones

Recycled Metals

Our gold, silver and platinum is recycled.

Our ethical practices

Customer Service

Our goal is to create a fun and personalized experience for each client.

Text/Call 919-286-2990

Our Promise

To create durable, high quality handcrafted jewelry.

The jewelry we create is individually made one at a time with careful attention to detail.

We take pride in our work and guarantee its quality.

Our Warranty

Giving Back

Durham native, Linda McGill, passionately believed in supporting causes that help to build a strong community.

We continue to honor our founder's legacy of giving back.

patrick working at the jewelers bench

since 1976

Handcrafted In-House

our jewelry is created one-at-a-time by hand in our Durham, NC shop

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Customer service


call/text 919-286-2990

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return policy

Recycled metals

ethical practices

Handmade in Durham since 1976

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