Molly Hollingsworth Bio

Molly Hollingsworth

Molly Hollingsworth

Designer + Goldsmith + Website Designer + CAD Specialist

Molly believes in the power of CAD (computer aided design), web design and social media. She’s been at Jewelsmith since 2000 and loves the collaborative community of creative people and now envisions adding as many skills and as much knowledge as possible.

Climbing the steep learning curve of CAD is her proudest accomplishment as a goldsmith. She has a passion for figuring out difficult design and logistical puzzles, but on the side, also enjoys travelling to places with clear blue water, photography and playing puzzle games.

Her favorite gemstone is the demantoid garnet. Its color is reminiscent of Caribbean water and it’s extra sparkly.

Connect with Molly and her extensive knowledge of Jewelsmith’s CAD, web and social media world.

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