Erin Riggins-Hartlaub Bio

Erin Riggins-Hartlaub

Erin Riggins-Hartlaub knows the power of education. She started her career at Jewelsmith in 2023 and loves that jewelry is regarded as an artform here. She also appreciates the spirit of inclusion and creativity. Erin envisions expanding her knowledge of gemology and custom jewelry design at Jewelsmith.

Writing about contemporary art jewelers and their work for Bmore Art Magazine in Baltimore, MD is her proudest moment in her jewelry career. She has a passion for the stories jewelry can tell- whether it’s an antique family heirloom or a sleek contemporary piece. Outside of work she has a personal passion for reading, running, and watching movies with her husband and spoiled cat, Nora.

Her favorite design and piece is Phil’s swinging kite earrings because of their movement and unique screenprint texture.

Let Erin share her experience with Estate Evaluations and Appraisals with you today! 

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