Dirk Watson Bio

Dirk Watson

Dirk Watson

Executive Assistant

Dirk believes in the power of teamwork and collaboration. He started at Jewelsmith in 2020 and loves watching the design process and how we make ideas come to life. He hopes to learn more about operations and adding onto his current skillset and knowledge, as well as developing graphic design skills. He envisions future networking to continue Jewelsmith’s growth.

His proudest moment as an executive assistant (aka Kristine’s right hand man) is simply being able to assist and support her knowing he’s playing a huge part in the success of the store. He has a passion for helping his team, learning behind the scenes ops and soaking up the wealth of Jewelsmith knowledge Kristine imparts. Outside of work he enjoys working out, painting and exploring all Durham has to offer.

His favorite piece of jewelry is the black diamond bead strand – it’s the best piece he’s acquired so far, it’s elegant, sparkles, goes with everything and is Black.

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