Denis Alzhanov Bio

Denis Alzhanov

Denis Alzhanov

Designer/Goldsmith/CAD Specialist

Denis knows the power of innovation! He started working at Jewelsmith in 2015 and loves how each project requires analytical skills and creative thinking to finish or repair a piece. He looks forward to expanding his goldsmithing skills and learning new CAD programs to create even more jaw-dropping designs for Jewelsmith.

One of Denis’s biggest accomplishments as a jeweler is learning how to set stones. His proudest moment is mastering the art of colored gem setting. His passion is accepting jewelry challenges, so this accomplishment means the most to him. Outside of work he enjoys  fishing, boating and working on cars and engines.

He recalls seeing his first and only true Blue diamond and was enamored by its metallic glow and how it illuminated brightly from inside the gem. It immediately became his favorite gem. He also loves classic jewelry with sharp lines and straight edges and is a huge fan of the classic 3-stone ring.

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