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Cameron White

Cameron White


Cameron knows the power of creativity and started her Jewelsmith career in 2001! She loves our creative atmosphere and the unparalleled teamwork. She also loves the collaboration of problem solving techniques for pieces to be repaired or custom designs meaningful to the client. Her ongoing goal is to expand her stone-setting skills and excellence in innovative craftsmanship.

Completing her first parts necklace was one of her proudest moments as a goldsmith. She’s also very proud of designing and creating her winning pendant in our first goldsmith competition featured in our social media. She believes social media is an integral aspect of reaching out to our customers. Outside of work she loves to exercise, paint, garden, cook, travel and spend time with her 3 daughters.

Her favorite piece is the award-winning Jewelsmith Parts Collection. It was the very first piece that caught her eye walking into the store for the first time, 23 years ago! She loves the mechanical beauty and that no two are exactly the same. She is passionate about creating funky, playful, one-of-a-kind pieces with simple intentional design.

You can view, admire and purchase some of her portfolio HERE.

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