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Discover Jewelsmith’s Iconic “Parts” Collection

Discover Jewelsmith’s Iconic “Parts” Collection - Jewelsmith

The OG “Parts” Necklace


The “Parts” Collection blossomed from one of Jewelsmith’s most well-known and innovative designs. Our founder, Linda McGill, handcrafted the first “Parts” necklace in 1998. In the same year, Linda's design won the Statement Maker prize in the Platinum Passion Design Competition. 

 Linda McGill original award winning parts necklace

 Linda's award-winning platinum "Parts" necklace 

Linda’s original, handmade necklace showcases an array of platinum components—referred to as the necklace’s “parts”—strung together on a bead-link chain. For the design, Linda selected a distinctive arrangement of parts, which include decorative wire scrolls, a luminous Tahitian pearl, and a round platinum bead embellished with diamond accents.

Parts necklace with article about the contest

We still have the original "Parts" necklace here at Jewelsmith for clients to see in person! Clients can get a sense of its weight and take inspiration from each of the parts. We showcase the necklace with a framed 1998 article announcing the competition winners.


The “Parts” Collection


Linda’s award-winning necklace was just the beginning! In the past 26 years, our designers and goldsmiths have created hundreds of “Parts” necklaces, each different from the last. And each necklace’s individual parts can be added to and rearranged, sort of like charms. "Parts" necklaces can start with just a few components and grow over time, making them great for gifts and anniversaries. They are also versatile to wear, with adjustable chains that can be worn at different lengths. 

Parts necklace example


Jewelsmith’s “Parts” necklaces have inspired an entire collection. Our goldsmiths have carried Linda’s design legacy forward using recycled metals and ethically sourced gems. Whether it’s a necklace, a bracelet, a ring, or earrings, “Parts” jewelry features components like those in Linda’s original design.


sapphire diamond parts ring

Sapphire and diamond "Parts" ring handcrafted by goldsmith, Cameron. Shop "Parts" Collection

Circle Frame Sapphire and Diamond Parts Earrings

Sapphire and diamond circle frame "Parts" earrings handcrafted by goldsmith, Cameron. Shop "Parts" Collection


For the “Parts” pieces above, our goldsmith, Cameron, used familiar scroll motifs in a whimsical design. She expanded on the original design by adding various metal colors and textures, as well as rich, royal blue sapphires.


Pam’s Story


Jewelsmith designer, May, and goldsmith, Patrick, recently helped their client Pam create a custom bracelet inspired by the “Parts” collection. Here’s how the process worked:


Pam brought in a vintage cocktail ring containing a mixture of diamonds that once belonged to her great aunt, grandmother, and mother. She wanted to make a new piece of jewelry with the gemstones to honor the women in her family; her goal was to create something that she could wear every day and then pass down to her daughter.

 Clients cocktail ring to use in custom parts bracelet

Pam’s family ring with the diamonds out of the mounting.


 custom parts bracelet design drawing


During her design appointment, Pam collaborated with May and Patrick to create a bracelet that suited her understated, refined style. Pam chose to have her family diamonds bezel set among various 14K white gold parts such as curved wires, textured discs, and a wire swirl. Their meeting resulted in the final sketch above. Next, it was time for Patrick to make the magic happen in the workshop!


 completed custom made parts bracelet with clients diamonds

Pam's final "Parts" bracelet!


Pam was thrilled to finally see her design come to life. For her, the most meaningful part of the process was being able “to have the heritage of three amazing, strong women on my wrist!”



Create Your Own “Parts” Design!


Ready to make a “Parts” piece unique to you? Let us help! Need ideas? Take a tour of our "Parts" gallery for some inspiration. 


Step 1: Choose your gemstones


Bring your own gemstones (BYOG!), choose from our stock, or let us order gems specifically for your “Parts” piece. Our gemology team will inspect all diamonds and gemstones to make sure that they are suitable to set in a new design. 


Step 2: Pick your parts

 Page from parts handbook

We have a “Parts” handbook featuring dozens of our signature parts! Mix and match whichever parts fit your style. Parts can be handmade in platinum, 18K yellow gold, 14K white gold and 14K rose gold. 


Step 3: Finalize the design

Parts drawing image

Collaborate with our designers to create a piece as unique as you! We can help you determine a final layout for all your parts and gems. Once you approve the design, our goldsmiths will get to work creating the final piece.

 Cameron arranging parts for a parts necklace

Step 4: Shine on!


Wear your parts with pride! Linda’s visionary design lives on through each of our “Parts” pieces, and we are honored to share her legacy with our wonderful clients.


About the author:


Erin Riggins-Hartlaub 

Erin is a graduate gemologist and jewelry appraiser with a background in fine art and art history. New to the Triangle area, she was drawn to Jewelsmith's innovative design and modernist aesthetic. Erin's favorite part of the job is helping clients learn more about their family heirlooms through the appraisal process. She looks forward to expanding her knowledge of gemology and jewelry design at Jewelsmith. 

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