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is to create durable, high quality, handcrafted jewelry. Components, mechanisms and gemstones will require attention over time, just like fine watches or automobiles, require regular maintenance. We have been here since 1976 and we will continue to provide service to our clients and all the jewelry we have made.

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We take pride in our work and guarantee its quality. In the unlikely event that your jewelry breaks due to a manufacturing defect or an error in our workmanship, we will repair the piece at no charge. If, however, your jewelry sustains damage due to wear, neglect or accidents, we are not responsible. We will gladly advise you with any preventative care and maintenance.

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 Gemstones can become loose in their settings due to impact under many circumstances. Even diamonds, which are the hardest, can chip, abrade, or break when struck with enough force at the right angle. For these reasons, Jewelsmith recommends personal jewelry insurance for coverage of the unexpected. We have recommended Jeweler’s Mutual Insurance Company to our customers for over 30 years.

We recommend having your jewelry cleaned and the setting(s) inspected by our goldsmiths or an American Gem Society (AGS) accredited jeweler at least twice a year. We offer complimentary cleaning, inspections and stone tightening of all Jewelsmith jewelry. Eventually, we may suggest updates or refurbishments that are consistent with the wear and age of the piece. In addition, we recommend removing your jewelry while doing yard work, cleaning, heavy lifting (including at the gym) and enthusiastic clapping. Note well that gemstones and pearls, as well as precious and alternative metals, require specific and differential care dependent on your daily activities.