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Howdoyoujewelsmith - Kristine’s Story…

Managing Jewelsmith has a million perks, one is seeing all the beautiful jewelry we make daily. Picking a new favorite is a regular occurrence. This proves challenging when trying to surprise me (so much to choose from!) My husband experienced this when wanting to propose. Thus, my colleagues helped him design a “Proposal Pendant”—an engagement ring alternative-- until he could design the perfect one with me He took some of my favorite elements (2 hearts in rose and white metal and a pink sapphire) and my Jewelsmith family created a beautiful pendant that incorporated an even more special touch… “Will you” in his handwriting was impressed into the heart. It was completely unexpected. He was able to surprise me and propose to me with a token so that I could be a part of the process.  I’ve witnessed hundreds of Jewelsmith surprises for our clients, but how they created that unbeknownst to me was superb. For our wedding day, we converted the pendant into a bracelet. Now, I can wear it as either and have a keepsake as special as my engagement ring.  THAT’S how you Jewelsmith!

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