jewelsmith consignment program

Introducing our first consignment program! Over the years, many clients have inquired about trading in Jewelsmith items that are in great condition. We are pleased to introduce a new consignment program in response to this frequent request. Read on to learn all the details, and keep scrolling to see photos of consignment jewelry available for sale in our store now.

Is any Jewelsmith item eligible for the Vintage Jewelsmith program?

No, not all items are suitable for the program. Each item is evaluated individually. Some factors we consider are the condition of the piece, its age, the current fashion trends and the space available in our cases. We will be maintaining a waiting list for good consignment candidates that cannot be accommodated immediately due to space limitations.

How long are the items held on consignment?

We begin with 6 months. If the item fails to sell within that time, we will either return it to you or offer you more time based on space availability. We may also recommend price changes based on current market factors.

How much will I get for my jewelry, if it sells?

That, of course, depends on the jewelry itself. As mentioned above, pricing is based on many factors. We will evaluate each piece individually and present you with an offer for consignment taking all of these factors into account.

How do I receive the money?

You have two choices. You may elect to receive a check at the end of the month in which the item sells. Or, you may take a store credit with a bonus of 25%. For example: if your consignment offer was $500 and your item sold, you could elect to take a store credit for $625, or receive a check for $500.

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