Frequently asked questions

Q: What services do you offer?

A: We offer a variety of jewelry related services including:

  • Custom Jewelry - Whether you're keen on re-using your gemstones and/or metal or you'd rather design a piece from scratch, our amazing team of designers with help you envision a beautiful piece of jewelry exactly the way you want it, and our goldsmiths will make it a reality. See some of our recent creations here. Our shop is well-equipped with such items as a laser welder, a power roll mill, casting equipment including an induction melter, an ultrasonic cleaner, an industrial steamer, sinusoidal stakes, CAD (computer aided design) software that works seamlessly with our 3-D printer and much more. Plus, most of the shop areas are visible from the show room, so come take a tour of where your jewelry is actually made!
    • Custom order turn-around time: The process generally takes 4-6 weeks, but we can often accommodate shorter deadlines.
  • Jewelry Repair - We are known for tackling all types of repairs including restorations, re-tipping prongs, ring sizings, chain solders, clasp replacement, stone tightening, re-shank (replacing worn ring shank), arthritic shanks, sizing pillows (a potential solution for people with large knuckles, laser welds, gemstone replacement, pearl/bead restringing, replacement/adjustment of clasps and much more.  Our shop is well equipped with such items as a laser welder, power roll mill, CAD (computer aided design) software and a computer driven mill, casting equipment including an induction melter, ultrasonic cleaner, industrial steamer, sinusoidal stakes and much more. Plus most of the shop areas are visible from the show room, so come take a look at where your jewelry is actually made!
    • Repair turn-around time: Depending on the complexity of the job, we can usually finish repair work in 1-2 weeks, however we can often accommodate shorter deadlines.
  • Clean and Check - We offer free polishing, cleaning and inspection of your jewelry, regardless of where it was purchased.  Jewelry is special in the way it can bring joy to generation after generation, but in order for your beloved pieces to stand the test of time, it's absolutely critical to have them cleaned and inspected regularly!  We can often catch problems while they are still fixable and before diamonds and gemstones are lost.
    • Clean and check turn-around time: Inspection and cleaning can generally be done while you wait in just a few minutes.
  • Hand Engraving - decorative embellishments, monograms, initials, even pictorial representations
    • Engraving turn-around time: The estimated time to complete an engraving project directly depends on this complexity of the job, however we can often promise completion within 2-3 weeks.
  • Jewelry Appraisals - we have two CGAs (certified gemologist appraiser) on staff to perform several types of appraisals. You will receive an official appraisal document complete with a photograph of your item and detailed descriptions of the primary gemstone, accent gemstones and mounting.  We have an AGS (American Gem Society) accredited gem lab equipped with various testing equipment including a binocular microscope, electronic scale, spectrascope, polariscope, GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Gem Set color grading system, Chelsea color filter, diamond light and graded master comparison diamonds, thermal conductivity diamond tester, UV light unit, proportionscope, dichroscope, refactometer and heavy liquids. All analyses, opinions and conclusions are developed and prepared in conformity with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. Appraisals take approximately 1-1.5 hours per item and therefore there is no quantity discount available.
    • Appraisal turn-around time: Our gemologists usually require 7-10 business days to study your jewelry, record and assess all of the components, research current values and produce all of the relevant official documentation for insurance or selling purposes. This service costs $100 per item, and no appointment is needed. If you are in a hurry, we also offer a 24-hour appraisal for single pieces and smaller collections. This rush service adds an additional $50 per item to the standard fee, and we ask that you please call first to schedule your visit with one of our gemologists.
  • Diamond and colored stone re-cutting and polishing - Although diamonds are very, very hard, they can be broken and chipped if hit from just the right angle.  Often chipped diamonds can be recut to look like nothing ever happened!  Colored stones can often become abraded over time,  causing them to lose that sparkle that you fell in love with.  Not to fear, we have seen some dramatic improvements in the appearance of damaged diamonds and colored gemstones!
    • Re-cutting turn-around time: The timeframe for this process is entirely dependent on its complexity. Please bring whatever you're looking to have re-cut or polished for an estimated cost and turn-around time.

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A: We offer free insured 3rd day FedEx shipping, free return shipping for anything that doesn't work out, and full refund or store credit for all items returned in their original condition within 30 days of purchase.

  • Orders placed before 4:00 pm EST Tuesday - Friday will be shipped same day. Orders placed after 4:00 pm EST or on non business days (Saturday, Sunday, Monday or holidays) will be shipped next business day. Shipping charges for FedX third day are included in the price of the items. Expedited shipping will incur additional charges. Please email or call 919-286-2990 to arrange for expedited shipping.
  • All transactions are secured by SSL encryption.
  • Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase. Returns must be sent in original package. Email to request return shipping label. When item has been received in original condition, a full refund of your payment will be issued.

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Q: Are your prices competitive?

A: Yes!

  • Our prices are based on materials and labor.  Materials include things like precious metals, gemstones, clasps, etc. and the labor is based on the hands-on time that it takes to make the jewelry. 
  • Each piece that we create is made in house by one of our our five designer goldsmiths with over 110 years combined experience, and our three designer sales staff members have a combined experience of 58 years.  In spite of the fact that our jewelry is hand made in the USA one piece at a time, our prices are comparable to jewelry of similar quality found in other stores.

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Q: Do you buy jewelry?

A: Yes! 

  • We buy gold, platinum and silver, plus some diamonds.  Bring us your broken or unwanted jewelry and we'll make you an offer. 
  • You may even want to use gemstones from some of the reclusive pieces in the bottom of your jewelry box to make something new with all that money you just got for your scrap. If you use the scrap metal value toward a new treasure, we offer an even higher price for your discarded precious metal.

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Q: Do you have all the items in stock that are shown on your website?

A: No.

  • All of the items that are shown on the "Shop" pages are in stock, but we wanted to show the range of items we've made in the archived galleries. 
  • We can also build any of the items you see on our site to suit your specifications, as long as they don't defy the laws of physics!

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Q: Do you have a warranty?

A: Yes! We stake our reputation on every piece of jewelry we create.  Here's the official warranty:

Statement of Warranty

Thank you for choosing Jewelsmith. Our mission is to create durable, high quality, handcrafted jewelry. Components, mechanisms and gemstones will require attention over time. The following paragraphs detail our official warranty.

Our Promise

We take pride in our work and guarantee its quality. In the unlikely event that your jewelry breaks due to a manufacturing defect or an error in our workmanship, we will repair the piece at no charge. If, however, your jewelry sustains damage due to wear, neglect or accidents, we are not responsible. We will gladly advise you with any preventative care and maintenance.

Care and Maintenance

Gemstones can become loose in their settings due to impact under many circumstances. Even diamonds, which are the hardest, can chip, abrade, or break when struck with enough force at the right angle. For these reasons, Jewelsmith recommends personal jewelry insurance for coverage of the unexpected. We have recommended Jeweler’s Mutual Insurance Company to our customers for over 30 years.

We recommend having your jewelry cleaned and the setting(s) inspected by our goldsmiths or an American Gem Society (AGS) accredited jeweler at least twice a year. We offer complimentary cleaning, inspections and stone tightening of all Jewelsmith jewelry. Eventually, we may suggest updates or refurbishments that are consistent with the wear and age of the piece. In addition, we recommend removing your jewelry while doing yard work, cleaning, heavy lifting (including at the gym) and enthusiastic clapping. Note well that gemstones and pearls, as well as precious and alternative metals, require specific and differential care dependent on your daily activities.

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Q: Are there different types of appraisals?

A: Yes, the following is a detailed description of the kinds of appraisals we offer and the circumstances in which each is appropriate.

  • Insurance of Replacement:
    • This is the estimated value for which a similarly described item could be purchased if alike in quality, material and craftsmanship at the time of the appraisal from a merchant who normally stocks and deals in the type of merchandise in question.
  • Fair Market Value:
    • This is the estimated cash value of an item in “as is” condition which would change hands between a willing buyer and seller, neither being under any compulsion to buy or sell and both having reasonable knowledge of the relevant facts.  This price would be determined in an orderly sale in a market within a reasonable time of thirty days to twelve months.
  • Liquidation Value:
    • This would be the same as above, but in a forced sale within a time frame of seven to thirty days, with one or both of the parties being an unwilling participant.
  • Antique:
    • Antique and unusual items that are considered not replaceable, the appraisal represents the current replacement value.  This type of evaluation is quite rare and not often used as Jewelsmith can reproduce most items.   

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Q: How do I store and care for my pearls?

A: We have a number of recommendations for taking care of pearls. Here are some tips for ensuring your pearls last for generations:

  • Wear Them:
    • Your pearls are meant to be worn.  Wearing them only enhances their beauty.
  • Be gentle:
    • Pearls are soft and delicate gems.  They are produced by a living organism and only rate a 2.5-4.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Pearls contain small amount of water and protein, as well as calcium carbonate crystals that are sensitive to chemicals and acids.
  • Storage:
    • Store pearls in a soft velvet or satin bag or pouch to avoid them from touching other jewelry, which may scratch them.  Pearls should never be wrapped in cotton or wool because the heat generated would add to the risk of drying and cracking.
  • Cleaning:
    • Pearls should be wiped regularly with a soft cloth or chamois moistened with water.  This will prevent dirt from accumulating and keep perspiration, which is slightly acidic, from eating away at the pearl nacre.  If pearls are very dirty they can be cleaned by your jeweler or washed in water with a mild soap such as Ivory.  After washing your pearls, rinse well with clear warm water and lay them flat on a soft towel to dry. 
  • Don'ts:
    • Protect pearls from chemicals such as vinegar, alcohol, ammonia, bleach, swimming pool and hot tub water, hair spray, perfume and cosmetics.  Avoid wearing them to the hair salon, tanning bed, when doing exercises, swimming or taking a shower.  (When dressing, pearls should be the last thing that you put on and the first thing that you take off.)
    • Do not clean pearls with commercial jewelry cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners, steam cleaners, detergents, bleaches, powdered cleaners or baking soda.  Do not use toothbrushes, scouring pads or abrasive materials to clean pearls. 
  • Maintenance...
    • Have your pearls checked and restrung every year or two, if you wear them frequently.  Over time, the silk thread can weaken and stretch, which gives the pearls more room to move around and slice away at the thread.
  • Enjoy:
    • Regular care will greatly extend the life of your pearls and give you the peace of mind to keep wearing and loving them!